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Shenzhen Yingxin Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd. is an online trading platform for genuine. components based on the company's business form. Its main businesses are: integrated IC, diode and triode, photoelectric coupling, capacitor and inductor. The platform has 200 million+spot stocks, more than 300000 pieces of spot stock data, and 20000 square meters of intelligent constant temperature warehouse. At present, we have cooperated with more than 1500 authorized and agent suppliers, among which Xilinx, ADI, ST, NEXPERIA, TI, Infineon and other first-line brands have strong futures delivery capabilities. 100% QC full inspection shall be carried out for all incoming materials to solve the purchase's concerns about material quality.



The platform combines online and offline business integration, relies on the company's strong supply chain system and big data service capabilities, supports a minimum order of one piece, and the fastest delivery time is one hour, providing flexible and reliable one-stop electronic component supply chain services for small, medium and micro customers in the industry.


As a professional in the electronics industry, you often need very specific components. These are not always easy to find. We can help you to obtain them quickly. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the supplier and manufacturer market.

We work with reliable partners abroad. Here are some of the brands we can offer: Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Maxim, Vishay, etc.


We guarantee the quality of the components we deliver. We will give you a complete guarantee.



We are committed to saving you time and money while helping to meet all your electronic component procurement needs.
To be a trusted supplier with a global footprint. We always provide high quality components and the best service.
We strive to meet all of your electronic component sourcing needs.
Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations through our commitment. We understand that reliability is the key to customer satisfaction.

Our customers need more than suppliers, they need reliable partners in the material chain.    Therefore, we are striving to do just that and more.    We want to build long-term business relationships with brokers and end users in every corner of the world.    Please contact us if you would like to learn more or if you have a need in this area.