New events in the chip semiconductor industry

1. TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou confirmed: TSMC will set up a 3-nanometer fab in the United States

Taiwan United News reported on November 21, TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou confirmed in an interview on Monday that the current 5-nanometer plant set up in Arizona is the most advanced process in the U.S. After the first phase of the plant is set up, TSMC will set up the current most advanced 3-nanometer fab in the U.S. "However, TSMC is not likely to spread production to many places. " In addition, Zhang Zhongmou also said that he still believes that the high cost of setting up a plant in the United States, in accordance with experience at least 50% higher, but this does not exclude TSMC will move part of its production capacity to the United States, which is actually a fairly small part of TSMC, "we moved to the United States of production capacity, it can be said that in the United States no matter which company is the most advanced, which is very important to the United States, but also very need." ;

2. Samsung teamed up with U.S. companies to improve 3-nanometer yields in a bid to catch up with TSMC. Naver reported on Nov. 20 that Samsung Electronics has expanded cooperation with U.S. company Silicon Frontline Technology to improve the yield of semiconductor wafers in the production process, hoping to overtake rival TSMC. It is reported that Samsung Electronics advanced process yield is low, since the 5nm process has been a yield problem, with 4nm and 3nm, the situation has become worse, it is rumored that Samsung 3nm solution process since mass production, the yield does not exceed 20%, the mass production progress into a bottleneck.

3. Roma joined the silicon carbide expansion army, forward investment increased to four times last year's plan. Nikkei News reported on November 25, Japan's semiconductor maker Rohm (ROHM) will officially mass production of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors in Fukuoka Prefecture this year, and use the product to develop pure electric vehicles and medical and other new markets. "Due to decarbonization and high resource prices, the demand for electrification of automobiles has increased, and the demand for silicon carbide products has advanced by two years," said Rohm President Matsumoto Gong.

Notably, the company plans to invest up to 220 billion yen in silicon carbide power semiconductors by fiscal year 2025 (as of March 2026). This increases the investment amount to four times the planned amount by 2021.

4. Japan's October semiconductor equipment sales increased 26.1% year-on-year. Science and Technology Board Daily reported on November 25, the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) announced statistics on the 24th that Japan's semiconductor equipment sales increased by 26.1% year-on-year to 342,769 million yen in October 2022, showing growth for the 22nd consecutive month.

5. Samsung Electronics took the global first in five categories
businesskorea Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Nikkei News (Nikkei) surveyed the global market share of 56 product categories, including electronics, batteries and shipbuilding, and the results showed that Samsung Electronics ranked first in five categories: DRAM, NAND flash memory, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, ultra-thin TVs, and smartphones.
6. the EU countries to promote 43 billion euros grant program, aiming to become a global semiconductor center
European Union countries agreed on a plan to allocate 43 billion euros ($44.4 billion) to strengthen semiconductor production in the region, clearing a key hurdle for their plans to boost the high-tech industry. The agreement was backed by EU ambassadors on Wednesday, according to people familiar with the matter. It will expand the range of chipmakers that are "first of their kind" and eligible for government assistance, without making all automotive chipmakers eligible for the funding, in line with the demands of some countries earlier this fall. The latest version of the plan also further adds safeguards for when the European Commission can trigger an emergency mechanism and intervene in a company's supply chain.

1. RF chip maker WiseChip successfully passed the IPO of the Science and Technology Board;

The Daily Economic News reported on Nov. 23 that the IPO of Guangzhou Huizhi Microelectronics Co.

The main business is the R&D, design and sales of RF front-end chips and modules, which are used in Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Glory and other domestic and international smartphone brand models.

2. Honeycomb Energy IPO was accepted by the Science and Technology Board!
On November 18, Hive Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Hive Energy) was officially accepted by SSE for IPO on the Science and Technology Board!

Hive Energy focuses on the research, development, production and sales of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage battery systems, and its main products include cells, modules, battery packs and energy storage battery systems.

The main players in the power battery industry are concentrated in China, Japan and South Korea, including Ningde Time, BYD, China Innovation Aviation, Guoxuan High-tech, Vision Power, Hive Energy, Panasonic, LG New Energy, SK On, Samsung SDI, according to SNE Research, the top ten power battery companies together account for over 90% of the global installed power battery market share .

3. Centronics GEM IPO successfully passed the meeting!
Recently, the GEM IPO of Guangdong C&Y Intelligent Technology Co.

The main products include infrared remote control, wireless remote control, WIFI to infrared universal transponder, Bluetooth to infrared universal transponder, control board, cloud game controller, person ID face recognition machine, microphone, products are mainly used in the field of intelligent home appliances.

Smart remote control production scale and technical strength of the larger manufacturers is the United States Universal Electronics Inc, which occupies a high market share in the global market, while Centronics and Home Control, Vida Smart, Difu Electronics, Chaoran Technology, Comstar and other companies are in the ranks of small and medium-sized.

4, display driver chip maker New Phase Microtronics IPO successfully passed the meeting!
Since its establishment in 2005, the new phase of micro in the field of display driver chip has 17 years of technical experience, shipments in the first half of last year has also appeared in mainland China's fifth, in the segment LCD smart wear market is ranked third in the world.
5, Leite Technology sprint to the North Stock Exchange listing! Deep plowing in the field of intelligent lighting control for nearly 20 years, raising 138 million to expand production

Recently, Zhuhai Leite Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as: Leite Technology) in the North Exchange IPO registration effective, and the successful launch of new share subscription.

Founded in 2003, Leite Technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent lighting control technology research and development and product innovation, and now has three major product lines: intelligent power supply, LED controller and smart home. Office, smart hotel, landmark building, theme park, senior shopping mall and other application scenarios.

In the international intelligent lighting control market, Ahmers Osram Group and Austrian Trigor have a high market share in the high-end intelligent lighting control market. In the domestic intelligent lighting control market, the main competitors of Leite Technology are Shanghai's Tridonic Lighting Electronics, Ochs Industry, and Guangzhou's Mingwei Electronics, as well as the listed Acme, Infineon and Song Sheng.

6、Zongmei Technology's IPO on science and technology board is accepted!
Recently, Zongmu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (Zongmu Technology) has been accepted by the SSE for its IPO application on the Science and Technology Board!

Founded in 2013, Zongmu Technology focuses on the research and development, production and sales of intelligent driving systems for automobiles. Its main products include intelligent driving control units, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and millimeter wave radar with integrated hardware and software, and its products have entered many models of Changan Automobile such as UNI-T/UNI-V, Arata Free/Dreamer and AITO Asking World M5/M7.

In the intelligent driving industry, the main competitors of Zongmei Technology are Desaiwei, Jingwei Hengrun, Tongzhi Electronics, Vininger, Ampofo and Valeo. These six peer companies, only Vernin and Zongmu technology net profit loss, the remaining five major companies have achieved profit.

7. SMIC IPO successfully passed the meeting, SMIC is the second largest shareholder

Ltd. (SMIC) passed the meeting of the listing committee of SSE Science and Technology Board. The sponsor of the IPO is Haitong Securities, which intends to raise 12.5 billion yuan.

It is reported that SMIC is a manufacturer focusing on power, sensing and transmission applications, providing foundry services for analog chip and module packaging. The company is mainly engaged in the foundry and package testing business in the fields of MEMS and power devices, with process platforms including ultra-high voltage, automotive, advanced industrial control and consumer power devices and modules, as well as automotive and industrial sensors. Purpose

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