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Dynamic data on innovative companies

Consumer electronics is constantly evolving. Consumer expectations must be met at all levels. The complexity of the supply chain makes it necessary to make data-driven decisions in order to build a supply chain that is responsive to industry changes.

Tracking environmental regulatory updates

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Environmental compliance management

Limit your organization's exposure to litigation, avoid costly penalties, and reduce your carbon footprint by keeping up with the latest compliance certifications for your parts and suppliers. Use Z2Data to view and monitor compliance certifications for parts and suppliers that meet regulations such as RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, the UK Modern Slavery Act, California's Proposition 65, and more.

Achieving peak carbon and carbon neutrality is a solemn commitment China has made to the world. It is also a vast and profound economic and social systemic change, involving the adjustment and upgrading of the economic structure, industrial structure and business structure in many areas. In the face of this "revolution," which involves both challenges and opportunities, companies in the magnetic components industry must think in terms of carbon neutrality timelines, carbon neutrality scope, carbon offsets, and renewable energy commitments, formulate responsible climate action and product planning plans, strengthen research and development of low-carbon green technologies and promote their application, and implement green manufacturing and operating systems. We will develop a responsible climate action plan and product plans, strengthen research, development and application of green and low-carbon technologies, and establish green manufacturing and service systems.

As part of the promotion of "dual carbon", companies are accelerating their transition to low-carbon energy from research and development to production and manufacturing. At the same time, the main challenge is to curb the development of energy-intensive and emission-intensive projects, which should force the manufacturing industry to increase the use of low-carbon energy and raw materials, and to strengthen research and development of low-carbon technologies, such as the use of renewable energy or clean energy, such as solar energy.

In the first half of the year, multiple factors have led to a decline in demand for consumer electronics, and the industry has generally agreed that the industry chain will have more than two quarters of inventory adjustment period, and the demand for chips will also decline. Before cell phone, PC and TV manufacturers cut a single product, the manufacturing of many MCUs, PMICs, image sensors and drive ICs is not the same as in the past, outside the dramatic roller coaster market.

But in the tone of the market from "short materials" to "long materials", there are still a lot of unconsumed chips in structural shortage, most of these chips are used in automotive, industrial control and other high-end material fields even today, the supply capacity of the original factory is very limited, but at the same time Even today, the supply capacity of the original factory is very limited, but at the same time, the industry demand has increased, making the market for these materials can not be "feverish".

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